Traditional folk Russian games

Traditional folk Russian games

Russian entertainment domain counts a lot of ways of entertainment. Slavic people enjoy spending time as far way as possible from offices and love spending time with children which  is requiring being familiar with some of the most popular traditional folk games to have fun with children.

Hopscotch game

Hopscotch is well known activity we all enjoyed once in a while in a school yard after  lessons or on brakes. Playing hopscotch brought a lot of joy as it is always popular among children including  adults as well.

Rules of hopscotch are quite simple; a chalk with  pavement are needed – after children must draw a hopscotch diagram with figures from 0 till 10. After diagram is done it is necessary to find a stone to throw it in a first square and to jump on one foot into next empty square and following into the rest of them. Player must omit square with. Few squares demand jumping on both feet and when the player reaches to the end of diagram he must turn around then repeat same jumping procedure to the opposite end – towards the start. When a child reaches first square he or she must pick it up while standing on one foot and complete the round. If he or she succeeded to do so the player should pass stone to the next participant. And on the next turn it is necessary to throw the stone to next square. In case one falls or crosses

line he loses his turn. Next time player  must repeat routine. Participant who reaches figure 10 first will win.

One may believe that hopscotch is possible only for Slavic kids but any child may play it as it is widely known as children from various countries are participating in during lesson brakes

Cossacks and Thieves (Cops and Robbers)

Another popular children activity among youngsters is Cossacks vs. thieves also known as cops and robbers. This one is also great for an outdoor activity –  rules are: players are divided into two teams, one of them is Cossacks – other is thieves. The group of thieves is running , hiding while Cossacks are expected to find or catch all thieves, take them to the “prison”, lock there. It ends when all the thieves are caught.

The best place to play it is somewhere in forest or park with lots of trees or bushes for the robbers to hide. Also it is important to set boundaries in order not to get lost.

Russian roulette drinking game for adults

Russian adults also love to play in order to have a good time but things they play are not so innocent and often involve alcohol. A well known activity for grownups is Russian roulette. We have various kinds of this one, one of known is extremely dangerous as it involves a gun. Russian roulette gun amusement is a lethal game of chance. Usually it requires two players, a revolver with 1 bullet in cylinder. First player must spin it and place muzzle against his head then pull trigger.  A surviver becomes a winner.

Another kind of entertainment goes by the name Russian roulette shot game that demands drinking shots and this it was created for fun. Gun as well as bullet here replaced by glasses with vodka or tequila and actual roulette. The amount of players starts with 2. And here’s how adults do it: every glass has its own figure or even two as all participants have their numbers. Players are throwing a ball on roulette while waiting for a figure to win. If roulette number coincides with player’s, he must drink a shot.

This are many ways of playing this Russian drinking game. For sure it is more appealing than the first one.